About us

Sheepfarm Inneruulalik

The owners of Riding Greenland is Piitaq & Naasu Lund, who live as sheepfarmers on their farm called Inneruulalik. The farm is a family-farm and Piitaq & Naasu is the third generation running the farm. They own 600 sheep and also a group of Icelandic horses, chicken, cats and dogs.

Piitaq & Naasu started Riding Greenland in 2015 and had the first riding tour in 2016. 

The riding tours are held in the area of sheepfarmers in and nearby Qassiarsuk. The horses that join the riding tours are owned by the farmers, who also use the horses when gathering sheep from the mountains in the end of summer, every year. 

All horses in Greenland are Icelandic horses, they are surefooted horses who thrive well in both warm summers and cold winters! 


In 2019 Krystal Kelly joined Riding Greenland for the Iceberg-tour and made an amazing video if her trip in Greenland! Watch the nearly 30 minutes video, that is the best description of the Iceberg-tour!





Riding Greenland won an award of Best Placed Business in Rural Youth Entrepreneurship in Finland 2018!

Krystal Kelly joined Riding Greenland for the Iceberg-tour!

Riding Greenland moved the base from farm Inneruulalik to the village Qassiarsuk!

Co-owner of Riding Greenland, Naasu Lund, finished her education of Service, Hospitality and Tourism Management!