Buggy Tour

The buggy tour is an 3.5 hour long tour that will lead you the end of the road, that leads towards the glacier Qajiitaq. We will start from Riding Greenland Hostel and drive you to the innermost of the Erik fjord, passing by a few sheep farms and then we will drive you away from the seaside and up to the land that is close to the icecap Qajiitaq. On this road there are no farms only nature, wild animals, sheep, rivers and waterfalls. We will take a break when arriving to the end of the road, so you will have time to look around and maybe take some pictures. Then the tour will lead you back to Qassiarsuk where we started.




Guided buggy tour, price per person:

950DKK for 3.5 hour guided tour, starts at 10:00AM small lunch included

850DKK for 3.5 hour guided tour, starts at 14:30PM small 


210DKK luggage transfer from Qassiarsuk to farm

300DKK person transfer from Qassiarsuk to farm

It is mandatory to wear the seatbelt and a helmet while driving. 

There is 80-100km dirtroad in and nearby Qassiarsuk.

We will be driving carefully and not fast, since the entire area has many lamb and sheep roaming freely, that is the lifestock of the farmers.

- It is not allowed to drive off-road

- Of respect to the privacy of the farms, it is not allowed to visit a farm unattended.