Riding Horses in Greenland - by Krystal Kelly

Watch this video made by Krystal Kelly during her time in South Greenland with us in 2019 - this video shows a good description of our riding tour!


16.07.2020 20:33


Hello I am interested in a week riding trip in August /September. Are you running your trips this year? Look forward to your response.

17.07.2020 01:13

Naasu Lund

Hi we only do tours in july, from august we will be busy with cutting grass on our fields. Are you able to ride in July?

23.06.2020 10:10


It would be really nice if you could accept vegetarians :)

11.02.2019 08:17

Anneke Rosingh

WoW 🏇🏻🏇🏻

13.01.2019 21:28

Denise Schroeder

Hej, jeg er interesseret i turen med Krystal Kelly.

14.01.2019 03:46


E-mail: deniseschroeder@hotmail.com

13.01.2019 22:41

Naasu Lund

Hej Denise :) hvad er din email adresse? så skriver jeg til dig.

13.01.2019 21:04

Gyrite Andersen

Jeg er meget interesseret i turen med Krystal 😊

13.01.2019 21:15

Gyrite Andersen

Hej Naasu . Min mail er: gyrite.andersen@gmail.com

13.01.2019 21:11

Gyrite Andersen

Min mail: gyrite.andersen@gmail.com

13.01.2019 21:08

Gyrite Andersen

Jeg er vant til at ride islændere, men har aldrig redet i Grønland .

13.01.2019 21:07

Naasu Lund

Hej Gyrite :) hvad er din email adresse? så kontakter jeg dig.

13.01.2019 20:43

Edda Tischer

Hi Naasu, my e-mail is edda.tischer@web.de!
Please send me more informations about this ride! Kind regards, Edda

13.01.2019 19:44

Edda Tischer

I'm interested to ride with Krystal Kelly in Greenland!

13.01.2019 20:05

Naasu Lund

Hi Edda :) what is your email address?

13.01.2019 19:38

elisabeth Momme


13.01.2019 19:30

Elisabeth Momme

Jeg er interesseret i turen med Krystal Kelly

13.01.2019 19:35

Naasu Lund

Hej Elisabeth, det lyder godt :) kan du skrive din email adresse så kontakter jeg dig.

13.01.2019 18:48

I'm not sure what this is

Hi there - I'm a friend of Krystal Kelly's and definitely interested in the Greenland trip!
Bonnie McRae Hutton

13.01.2019 19:16

Naasu Lund

Hi Bonnie, I'm glad to hear that :) Can you write me your email and I will contact you.

27.03.2018 23:06

Kornelia Benjaminsen

Kusanaq una hjemmeside 😍 taannaqa tikeraarnissaq 👏

27.03.2018 16:05

Naasu Lund

Hi Polly I just received your inquiry from In The Saddle, I am about to reply the email :)

26.03.2018 17:52

Polly Mahoney

Do you have any multi day horseback riding trips that I could join in May, June or July? What would be the dates and cost? Thanks!

26.01.2018 14:50

Martin Chemnitz

Nuannerunaq! That must be great!

16.05.2017 07:16

Mads Lumholt

Lyder fantastisk, al held og lykke, nuan!

26.03.2017 08:48

Kristjana G Motzfeldt

Det er helt klart at jeres hesteture bliver populære! Et turistboom er lige om hjørnet. Held og lykke med jeres turisme i Inneruulaluk ❤