• the Icelandic horse and Greenland

    The Icelandic horse is well fitted for the greenlandic nature. Due to the weather in winter/summer and the landscape. The horse is not too big or too small to be able to go well on the very varied terrain and mountains. And the Icelandic horse has good with energy so it doesn't get tired so quickly. All horses in Greenland are Icelandic horses and mostly it is the farmers who have horses. There are about 50 farms in South Greenland and not all farms have horses, but in our farm we have about 10 horses which is many. some have more horses and some have less.

  • Farm and tour-horse

    The farmers have horses mainly for the purpose to ride on them on the mountains when gathering sheep. At the end of summer all the sheep gets collected and brought inside the stables for the winter.
    Summer in Greenland is very short and that is the only time we can offer tours. When the snow and ice has melted away we start riding the horses and do some simple exercises with them. It is only in summertime we have one or two other people to work with us and the horses.

  • Stable and food

    There are no arenas in Greenland for horses so the horses spend almost all time outside. Most farms have a shelter for the horses during winter, and ours can go in and out whenever they want to. They are fed with hay we collect during summer and all the hay are for the sheep and horses during winter only. In summer they eat outside in the mountains. The horses that will ride on the tours are kept in the farms in fenced areas and the other horses go free on the mountains with the sheep.