On your own

- There are great hiking areas and many go hiking from farm to farm and stay the night.

- You can rent a horse and a room in the guesthouse and go riding in the area by yourself. You can stay as long as you want to during the summertime and go riding whenever you want to. 

- You can also put together your own tour. Tell us what you want to see or do, and we can make the private tour that suits you the best.

- Our area is great for hiking and many people trek by our farm Inneruulalik.

- The picture shows the road that goes to the farms and also Narsarsuaq.




We can offer our guests a fishing-trip for a few hours, and we can also go see the Qooqut Glacier that is located nearby.


- Qassiarsuk

- Inneruulalik

- A farmer's life

- Growing up on a farm