Hiking and other hostels nearby

The area of our farm is a great place to hike and every summer many passes by on their way to the next farm to stay the night to afterwards moving on to yet another farm. We work together with our neighbors with hostels so if you have any questions regarding this you are welcome to contact us or check our group out on facebook called Farm Holiday Greenland. In the page you can easily find information about all the other farms and how to get there. Here are contact information to the nearest farms from Inneruulalik:

Sillisit: www.sillisit.dk

Nunataaq: Nukappiaaluk87@hotmail.com

Tasiusaq: www.sermilikhostel.com

Qassiarsuk: farmhouse309@outlook.com 



Bottle feeding lamb

When summer begins we let the sheep with its lamb out to the mountains to eat freely. But it is also common to have a few lamb with no mother to go with, so we keep the lamb in the farm and give them milk from a bottle everyday. Most children love to do so and the lamb loves the attention from the children. When we have guests with children we ask if they want to help give the lamb milk. In the picture you can see our daugther Kimmernaq together with her cousin Nicklas feeding the lamb. 


Rent a horse on your own

You are also able to rent a horse and room in the guesthouse if you like to be on your own. In june and August you are able to stay as long as you wish to and go riding whenever you like to. We can drive you to the village to buy food for your stay and you can choose a horse you like and the equipment you prefer. For internet you can go to the blue house and when we go sailing to town you are welcome to join.