Family-run Farm

We are the third generation living on the farm.

Piitaq Lund took over the farm after his father Jørgen Lund (who took over the farm after HIS father Dolfi Lund).

Piitaq is 27 years old. He is married to Naasu Lund 26 years old and they have two children, a daughter Kimmernaq Lund 3 years old and a son Joorut Lund nearly 2 years old. Piitaq was raised at the Inneruulalik farm and lived with his parents Jørgen and Naja, older sister Pipaluk, little brother Lars and his grandfather Dolfi.

His grandfather Dolfi started the farm with his wife Maria-Kathrine and they had eight children.

The farm has dogs, cats, horses and over 500 sheep.

At Inneruulalik, there are two houses and one guesthouse, two barns for the sheep and also one for the horses, a workshop and a garage.



Where is Inneruulalik?

This year 2018 in January we won an award for best-place business!

We participated in RYE connect (Rural Youth Entrepenourship) and the competitors were 3 from Finland, 3 from Northern Ireland and 3 from Greenland. It was a huge honor to win an award for this titel. Thanks to Greenland Business we got this great opportunity and came home with an award!