Boat transfer between Narsarsuaq and Inneruulalik. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are fully included.


You will spend five nights at Inneruulalik hostel and two nights at Sermilik Hostel.

Inneruulalik hostel has two bedrooms with two single beds in each room, a larger on the second floor with 3 beds and a sofabed, a livingroom/diningroom/kitchen and a bathroom with toilet, shower and towels.

The kitchen has self service equipment.


All food and drink for breakfast will be ready to take in the hostel, so the guests prepare breakfast themselves and also make a lunchpack for the ride. Dinner will be brought to the hostel. The first and last dinner will be served at the farm house. Meals in Sermilik Hostel will be cooked by the guides. Dinner contains all greenlandic lamb, fish, cow and muskox. Different sorts of soda, greenlandic and danish beer will be for sale and also bottles of wine.

During the tours the guides will carry cups for the guests to drink from the rivers.

Your horseback riding ability

We only accept guests to have riding skills from intermediate to experienced. During the ride it will be walk, trot, tølt and canter. 

What to bring

Pack warm clothes such as a wind-proof jacket, woolen or fleece sweaters, gloves, thick woolen socks, headbands/ear muffs, scarf, long underwear (thermal) and, of course, your riding breeches. Rainwear. We recommend riding boots and/or hiking boots for riding. For the cabins/indoor use, slippers are advisable. Also, prepare for warmer weather and bring along lighter clothes and sun block. Bring your own personal medication. We are not allowed to give out medication except in emergency situations. Also, remember to bring your travel insurance certificate.


Bring only what is necessary during the tour. For the stay in Sermilik Hostel, one smaller luggage for each rider will be transported by car to the hostel. Other luggage, like a big bag of travelling clothes, can stay at Inneruulalik hostel during the entire tour.


We will hand out riding helmets for each guest if you haven't your own with you. There will be a first aid kit at the guest house and one with the guide at all rides. There will be no cellphone connection on most of the rides and the guides will bring radios to contact the farm house in case of an emergency. The nearest hospital is in town and we can only get to town by boat (1 hour sailing) there is a nursestation in Qassiarsuk and Narsarsuaq.


Inneruulalik farm has 7 horses for riding, most of them are from Iceland. For the tours we normally rent 2 or 3 horses from neighbour farms. 

Guest and horse will be matched as best as possible, and the guest will ride on the same horse during the entire tour: If needed we can switch horses.

Pace: walking, trot, tølt and canter.