Riding Icelandic horses in Greenland Horse Riding Tour

Ride on Icelandic Horses through Greenlandic Nature!

We provide a tour with comfortable accommodation and Greenlandic meals. Experience Greenland from the back of an Icelandic horse!

Our farm Inneruulalik is located 10 minutes away from Narsarsuaq International Airport by boat. In the picture to the right you can see the runway in Narsarsuaq behind our farm.

The farm is located by the shore of the fjord. There is only one road that connects us to the few other farms in our area.

On our tour you will experience the most beautiful Greenlandic nature: icebergs, green valleys, mountains, lakes, farms, rivers and glaciers. 

The route we have chosen is the one we ourselves think is the most beautiful route to go riding in our area of sheep farmers in South Greenland. You will see the absolutety most beautiful features of South Greenland; farming culture, mountains, valleys, glacier, icebergs, rivers and waterfalls.